What should I consider before having a cosmetic procedure?

  • You should be in good general health
  • Be ready to invest time in your recovery and follow your doctor’s instructions
  • Work with your doctor to develop realistic expectations of what a cosmetic procedure can accomplish.
  • Trust in your surgeon and the entire staff

What can I expect during my initial visit?

Once you make an appointment with us, we will provide you all of the information you will need. Most often, the initial visit is an opportunity to consult with our doctors to discuss your concerns and desired outcomes as well as for him to give you an idea of what treatment options are available and expectation setting.

What will the recovery be?

It depends on the procedure. For Botox injections, fillers and some surface treatments, recovery is almost immediate. For incisional procedures and deep laser treatments, our doctors will explain specific recovery steps and timeframes.

Does insurance cover oculoplastic surgery?

Before you can undergo such surgery, your surgical representative will check with your insurance company to determine whether your procedure is covered.