Dr. Lyon Testimonials


Five Stars

Dr. Lyon is a fantastic doctor. He is cool, calm, and explains what is going on. He doesn’t cut corners and has a great physician to patient relationship.


Five Stars

Dr Lyon rebuilt my eye socket and its amazing. Great personality and absolutely the best.


Five Stars

I have anxiety, and I had pre-surgery jitters. Dr. Lyon spoke with me on a Friday afternoon. Surgery was on a Monday. He approached the surgery in a different way. Putting your faith in an experienced doctor like him is worth it.


Five Stars

Great physician! Listens and explains everything so it’s totally understood. Great surgeon. He’s the best!


Five Stars

I would rate the visit as a 10 with 10 being the highest. Dr. Lyon is professional, patiently described my treatment, etc. Has a great “bedside manner.” I would certainly recommend his professional expertise to family and friends.


Five Stars

Very pleased with Dr. Lyon’s patience answering my questions and concerns about my eyelids. He explained everything to me along the way, which I truly appreciated.


Five Stars

Dr. Lyon is the consummate professional and loved by his patients. He did an eyelid revision procedure for me and his work is perfection. He is truly an artist. So glad I found him.

Dr. Sniegowski Testamonials


Five Stars

Dr Sniegowski explains the procedure and answers all your questions thoroughly. He checks up on you the day after your surgery to make sure you are doing well. He is very kind and considerate. I highly recommend him. I’m so glad I had him for my eye surgery.


Five Stars

Skin Looks and Feels Better After Laser Resurfacing

Dr. Sniegowski recently performed by CO2RE laser skin resurfacing and I am very pleased with the results! My skin looks fresh and renewed- wrinkles are less visible, brownspots are faded, pores are smaller and skin tone is more even. Dr. Sniegowski was very caring and concerned during our consultation to insure that we could achieve the results that I anticipated. He reviewed the procedure and after-care to make sure I fully understood the process. He was very caring and professional during the experience. I definitely recommend him to everyone!

damage no more

Five Stars

New Year New Skin

I had the laser procedure done on Dec 14th, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Dr. Sniegowski explained everything that would happen during the procedure and was very tentative about how nervous I was, he assured me I would be happy with the out come. Right after the procedure it felt like a really bad sun burn but went away with in a couple of hours. From there my face was really red, then turned a bronze color right before it started to peel. The end of the first week I could tell a difference in my skin tone, the texture and the sun damage was gone!! My skin feels and looks tighter. I am happy I had it done. I would suggest planning ahead and staying home for the first 3 days because of the way your face may look while healing. Vinegar and water soaks will be your best friend. Thank you Dr. Sniegowski

_Jean Helene

Five Stars

Dr. Sniegowski “rescued me” with honesty!

Dr. Sniegowski agreed to do revision surgery on my eye as Dr. David Lyons (both of Sabates eye clinics at the time) had done it incorrectly, and after 2 months of pain & double vision – I was told by KU that the wrong eye had been operated on. I was a 30 year “master optician” and extremely upset.

He was kind, patient, even allowed me to bring a friend to a second pre-op consult. I no longer have double vision caused by Dr. Lyons ! We both however came to the decision that the surgery done by Dr. Lyons was not the best way to approach my issue, I needed a brow lift – the skin around my eyes had already begun a second demise after a year – taking it off my kids did not alleviate the situation long. Eye surgeons get paid to do surgery – brow lifts are not eye surgery. Go to a doc you can TRUST!


Five Stars

I Would Never Hesitate to Return to Dr. Sniegowski!

Dr. Sniegowski performed eyelid surgery for my chronically “puffy” and sagging eyelids. My results are awesome! I feel better, I look better and I can wear eye make-up again. I am so, so happy! Dr. S is very kind and knowledgeable. The smile in his photo is genuine. He is confident in his skills and worked so nicely with the surgical staff. Lots of pleases and thank you’s as they worked together which was quite lovely to hear. I felt very well taken care of and was amazed at the efficiency in which I was in and out. I would never hesitate to return to him for any future procedures. 


Five Stars

Great experience!

I had a great experience. I was nervous and Dr. Sniegowski put me at ease. He is thorough, pleasant, patient and professional with very clear explanations. He eased my concerns and listened to me. No pressure just excellent care!

Angie D

Five Stars

Dr. Sniegowski is great! I highly recommend him

I have been going to Dr. Sniegowski for more than a year for Botox injections (my forehead, “11’s” and smile lines around my eyes). He is fantastic – very personable and patient, and I like that he doesn’t overdo it. He is conservative in the number of injections he gives so I don’t end up looking “plastic” or “frozen.” He always says I can come back for more if it’s not enough, but so far I’ve been satisfied with the results after each visit.


Five Stars

Can’t believe my own eyes

Amazing transformation by Dr.Matthew Sniegowski.I had horrible under eye bags,saggy upper eyelids and they where not symmetrical.I was told by other surgeons you will never completely get rid of those under eye bags.I have no bags my eyes are symmetrical now.Dr Sniegowski is the most kindest,caring Dr you will ever meet.At your consultation every little detail will be discussed.Extremely knowledgeable Dr.I also have Graves disease it has not affected my eyes but could,so he had to be a little bit on the conservative side and my eyes look ” Amazing ” I must also add the staff at Sabates Surgery Center are hands down the best. I was very nervous,not a thing in the world to be nervous about. You will be treated like a family member. I really can’t thank Dr.Sniegowski and his staff enough for my excellent care. Thank you Dr.Sniegowski, you are AWSOME !!!! “So are my eyes ” 


Five Stars

58 Year Old Female Wanting to Just Look Less Irritated Based on the “11” Between my Eyebrows

I was motivated to get Botox because I have a very distinct “11” between my eyebrows. Made me look as if I was irritated all the time. Many of my friends had done this procedure and had great results. I could not be more happy! Dr Sniegowski was wonderful! Very informative, answered my questions, helped me make the best decision for me and my finances. Recommend him to EVERYONE, seriously!


Five Stars

Great experience!!

If anyone is looking for a fantastic doctor who genuinely cares about your needs Dr. Sniegowski should be your Doctor. I have had multiple sessions of Botox and fillers done. I am completely satisfied w the results. I will definitely be back.


Five Stars

Honest Doc

Dr. Sniegowski is very professional and will not push what you don’t need. I’ve seen him for facial peels to help with sun damage and have been very happy with the results. I’ve recently had a bit of Botox and he discouraged me from doing to much. I appreciate that. He has early, late and Saturday appointments making it easy to get in with him and convenient with my schedule.


Five Stars

I had a great experience.

I had a great experience. Very professional, on time and knowledgeable. He took time to listen and explain what I needed. Very satisfied with my treatment. I had Botox. I was very pleased with the outcome


Five Stars

Absolutely wonderful doctor

This doctor is amazing. He is very smart, very pleasant, and lots of treatment options. I would recommend him to everyone. The entire staff from the moment you check in is absolutely wonderful. He has several locations in the metro area.


Five Stars

Great Experience

I have seen Dr. Sniegowski a couple times for Xeomin and filler. I trust his opinion and conservative ways. I feel his knowledge and understanding for both my medical and cosmetic needs exceed my expectations. Beyond happy and will definitely recommend. 


Five Stars

Impressed Overall

I was really impressed with my experience with Dr. Sniegowski. He took time to review all the options for me to decide on the best procedure. I really like my results! Very natural! Dr. Sniegowski was positive, professional and helpful. I like that he’s an MD so really knows the face and muscles, so I know it’s done right.


Five Stars

I highly recommend Dr. Sniegowski

I had a very positive experience with Dr. Sniegowski. I wanted to get injections done as a 50th birthday gift to myself. However I was very nervous as my first time doing any kind of work. Dr. Sniegowski was very personable and provided a thorough consultation so he understood my expectations as well as he explained the procedure and provided a knowledgeable recommendation in regards to placement as well as which brand of injection would be best for my desired results. Dr. Sniegowski was a bit light handed for my first treatment though this was due to his recommendation to see how I would react as well as you can always add more if need be. Very pleased with my results as very natural.


Five Stars

Face Needing a Little Refresher

At 49, I was feeling like my face was melting! I needed something, but did not want anything drastic. I chose fillers to literally lift my cheeks and fill some creases along the sides of my nose and around my mouth. I also filled my lips just a bit. Never wanting to look fake or overdone, but needing “something”.


Five Stars

I’m so happy with the results. I’m very thankful my doctor was conservative with the fat removal. The recovery has been very minor and there wasn’t much bruising.